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Do you know the feeling when you are so inspired and nourished in the heart of being in nature? That colors, shapes and light creates such a unique atmosphere and feeling, that you just have to take a picture of, so you can bring it with you? Monnick knows just how to create this feeling and bring the nature to your home with the special techniques she uses. Monnick is guided from her deepest intuition mixed with her inspiration from nature. All paintings are included international shipping. Paintings from size medium and large will be shipped wrapped in a pipe without the wodden frame. You can go to a professional framer near where you live and have it framed.

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Do you miss something unique on your walls as a part of how you express yourself? In the colors that you love?

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About Monnick

I love creating art that nourishes the heart of me and my clients. If you are longing for unique art in your home that you can enjoy and explore, one of my works may be what you are looking for. I am inspired by the nature, I experience both in Denmark and on my travels. I am educated visual arts teacher. When I paint, it is pure mindfullness for me. The outside world stands still and I am 100 % in the creative proces. I love sharing my journey with you. My home is my gallery and I am deeply passionate about decor. Therefore, you will see my paintings in my home and for me it is connected, cause a painting is a big part of the interior.

Monnick V. Gaiazz

The clients say

Maleriet  ?Silenzio? er inspireret af naturens steger og former. Den lys grønne oliven nuance der


Abstrakt maleri i str 120×150. Inspireret af jordens farver, universet og naturen. Farverne er dyb

Aqua ice

Maleriet "Aqua ide" er malet i en smuk blå farve i flere nuancer, som gør


Abstrakt maleri i str 100×140. Inspireret af sand/jord formationer, som du ser på en strand

Rose feathers

Maleriet "Rose feather" er malet i en smuk pink farve med strejf af guld. Der


Maleriet "Silence" er inspireret af hvide klipper. Smukt og enkelt og naturen går direkte i

Norwegian rocks

Maleriet måler 150x200 Maleriet Norwegian rocks er inspireret af den rå og smukke norske natur.