Ready for summer:

Sun and summer for several weeks in a row. It's the best month of May I've ever experienced. Wow. I was already starting to look forward to decorating our patio in January. It's typical of me, as soon as Christmas is over it's spring and soon summer according to me. Since we got our lovely wooden terrace 3 years ago, I have tried quite a few different garden furniture, to say the least. Our patio is exactly 2.5 meters wide, so it is actually not wide enough for large clumsy garden furniture sets. It took me a long time to figure out and I then had the first 3 garden tables with chairs before I finally found the perfect set? Exactly this delicious maintenance-free polyrattan set from Cult furniture. Actually, I just wish I had a set, but at the last minute I decided to order two because I then got the ingenious (I thought myself) idea that they can stand at each their end in the garden for everyday. A set where there is morning sun and a set where there is evening sun. And when there are guests, we can put the sets together and vupti, then there is room for 8 people and a long table. Smart, right? And you sit really well in the chairs, which is not at all as clumsy as many other garden chairs often are. 

Here, both sets are merged into one long table. 

In addition to our beautiful new garden furniture set, we have a lounge set from Jysk, and my newly purchased bamboo furniture and my beloved banana parasol. It creates so much coziness and gives a total Bali atmosphere in the garden. What’s not to like? It's not bad to study for exams right here with lots of coffee and Cafe Del Mar in your ears. Yes I almost feel like I'm in Bali now that the weather is so great too! 

Tips for decorating a terrace:

  1. An advice I got from the fantastic architect Bianca Maria Hermansen. (She designed our house in her time). Make small hooks in the garden and decorate outside just like inside. Ex. a wall you decorate with posters, paintings and furniture. Think the same way when decorating outside.
  2. Lots of fabrics in colors that match. pillows, blankets and skins.
  3. Carpets. I have bought mine at ikea, and these are rugs that are intended for use both outdoors and indoors. Carpets help to divide the areas and create more small hooks.
  4. Plants in pots. Lots of plants and flowers. Like palm trees. It's still one of those things I'm not got yet. You can also have apple and pear trees in pots. You can "almost" never get too many pots of plants, so just give it gas. 
  5. If you have somewhere to hang plants, hang flowers and plants in pots. You can make the suspension yourself. 
  6. Have several small garden furniture sets to create more hooks, and put them together when guests arrive. 
  7. Decorate with summer hats on the walls. 
  8. Decorate with solar cell light chains, lanterns and torches. It creates the coziest mood when darkness falls. Both if you can see them from inside and of course also outside. 
  9. If you have trees and shrubs, use them. hang homemade stone vines down from the trees, lanterns and driftwood on string. 
  10. Use a basket for blankets. Then they can be easily taken in and out in the evening. Or get yourself a large cushion box so that all textiles can be quickly cleared away.

Yes then we only need to ask for good weather, also the rest of the summer. 

Stay tuned to the blog, the next post is about our homemade DIY outdoor kitchen.