Our lovely house in England's largest housing magazine.

It really is a dream come true. I have always sat and drooled over various housing magazines, and dreamed that one day it could be me, and it was :) Ihhhh, it is simply a wonderful feeling. However, I have not had the honor of being able to leaf through it in paper form yet. I'm waiting for my copy, but I was so lucky that Ideal Home sent me a PDF with the report, and they even encouraged me to share it here on my blog. One day in August last year, I was visited by the two sweet ladies from A little story. They are super skilled and we got to take a lot of good pictures and had good long talks about everything between heaven and earth. This ended up in this nice report, which has ended in England :)



I have gradually heard several times that the English are crazy about Danish cosiness, and that it has actually become a whole phenomenon in both England and the United States. I have therefore started my own hashtag here on Instagram . The hashtag is #mydanishygge, so if you've on instagram, finally use it. Maybe I will share your picture one day .;)

Well but if you want to see more then look at Ideal Homes Homepage. They have links to where the magazine can be purchased online.

Good day to everyone out there, I have to get back to exam reading. <3